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The Latest From Your Friends!

Last year our volleyball courts were affected by the hurricane in August. We lost some of our sand at Warriors Path State Park and all of it was taken away from Trough Creek State Park. We are very happy to report that new sand was delivered two weeks ago and both courts are ready for the Memorial Day weekend.

Our Mission

The Friends of Trough Creek and Warriors Path State Parks exists to be stewards of the parks’ natural beauty; to promote the history of the parks and the communities surrounding them; to educate visitors; and to develop, restore, and maintain the parks’ resources to expand opportunities for recreation in all seasons.

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Attention Campers!

Our volunteers work hard during the fall and winter months cutting, splitting and bundling firewood to be sold in the campground. The Friends group is undertaking a project to install playgrounds at both respective parks for youth visitors to enjoy. This is an expensive proposition. The selling of firewood contributes to this cause and your honesty is greatly appreciated.

Firewood for Sale!
$5.00 a Bundle

Due to unforeseen circumstances our monthly meeting for June will be moved to the first Thursday of the month which is June 2nd at 6:30 PM, pavilion 1, Trough Creek State Park. We will be forming a playground committee and making plans to get our project moving.